That’s My Jam


If you were born before 1993 all of the music you love is considered a throwback/classic.

Listening to Pandora I stumbled across my ’90s station. I started to feel my beat as soon as “Weak” aka “the unofficial black girl anthem” came on. At this very moment I realized two things:
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Is It Just Me?

1. August Alsina, Trey Songz, Chris Brown and Usher do nothing for me.

2. Are young buls getting better looking the older I get?

3. Is plastic surgery getting more and more amazing?

4. I wonder if people who give their hair away for my bundles get paid?

5. How much?

6. Am I crazy for referring to college as the good ol days?

7. I think Drake is a borderline musical genius.

8. I also felt the same about Soulja Boy in the good ol days.


My Struggles With Normal


According to the Internet I am not a normal woman.

At work when my coworkers talk about soccer, golf, museums and cheese and whatever else I feel so abnormal because everyone seems to love this uneventful conversation.

Me feeling like an outsider compelled me to do a web search for the term “normal woman” and surprise, I found the above. This woman looks just like my coworkers!!!

No wonder I feel like an outsider because according to the internet/world my black ass is not a normal woman.
I really need to step my normal game up. I better have brunette hair and not brown. I better be peach. I better love to tan and only be darker for a limited time.