That’s My Jam


If you were born before 1993 all of the music you love is considered a throwback/classic.

Listening to Pandora I stumbled across my ’90s station. I started to feel my beat as soon as “Weak” aka “the unofficial black girl anthem” came on. At this very moment I realized two things:

1. Lower your voice because you are at work;
2. 25 is the new middle aged

For example: I can recite “Handsome and Wealthy”-Migos, “How Did You Get Here?”- Deborah Cox, and “All This Love”-Debarge, back to back. All from different eras but appreciated equally by me.

The reason I can appreciate all of these different eras of hip hop/r&b is because I was born and raised in the middle of these eras. In the middle of the bullshit.
But then I question myself. If I’m old enough to remember the ’90s “classics”, am I too old to hit my Schmoney or NaeNae?

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