This Picture of Kim Kardashian Is Amazing and I’m Glad She Did It.

This is a very well designed piece of work. It’s a nice photograph.

The photoshop is on point and whoever directed this shoot has great taste. You can’t help but stare at this woman with her clothes on, so why not profit off that ass on your own terms?

Like it or not Kim Kardashian is an icon and a model for new fame (Don’t look at me like that, we all had a hand in making her a household name—but that’s another post). She is simply doing her job. A sex symbol does symbolize sex, right?

“But oh she’s a mother”…I say so what???

HAVING A CHILD DOES NOT DEFINE YOU ! It is only a part of you. Kim is the same woman before and after the baby. I know having a living thing burst through your body changes you to some degree but it must never define you. I’m sure all of our mothers were alive and living their damn life before we were born…

I’m actually glad she did this, mainly to show the exact message above to child-phobic individuals like myself.

Part of my fear of parenting is having the child be my world for the rest of my life. Forever selfless. This lets me know that you still do have the ability to do things purely because you feel like it. You are allowed some selfish moments.

To this picture I say ‘go head Kim. Show off.

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