Law of Attraction

IMG_1519.JPG Today I went to a meeting and met many people in my company who I have never had any interaction with, other than on email or by phone. It was great to put faces to names but I realized there were certain people who I felt no need to hold a conversation with, and some people I felt a genuine “nice to finally meet you”.

This made me question, “what attracts me to people, and what attracts them to me?”

Why did I actually feel like having a face to face conversation with some and with others I internally thought “I’ll catch you in the emails.” ✌️

I noticed that no matter where I am, rather it be in a a corporate setting or at my local hood spots, I tend to notice appearance first and form an opinion about you without you saying a word.

I do this to people at work but don’t do it in a way that I think is regular.

For example, if a woman is well dressed (Olivia Pope’d down), I tend to not want to talk to them. I’ll find her snobby purely based on how she dresses. She’ll probably want to talk about where she went to school and other things I’m not interested in.


When a man is well dressed I tend to talk to them because, honestly I see them as prey. Men are easy. The nicer the suit, the easier to talk to for a moderately attractive woman.

Back to women. If a woman is dressed well, but not too well (a mix of H&M and Ann Taylor), I will tend to gravitate towards them and I find vice versa. The H&M clothes make me believe that you are not too snobby and you will not turn your nose up at a regular person like me.
The Ann Taylor says to me, “Ayye, I got this one piece that I’m going to wear to death, so I can keep up with these sadity ho’s”.

This makes me think of you as down to earth and a real one. The same way I see myself. As they say, real recognize real and you looking familiar.

In my “environment”, (aka the local hood spots where I feel THE most comfortable), I tend to gravitate toward men who are the most attractive and the most cool. You will not be wearing a suit, because I love ain’t shit men. I’m a work in progress.

As far as females I stay away from all of them in the local hood spots. Most of the time if you look at them the wrong way they want to fight. I didn’t come out here for all that.


Tell me. What attracts you to people? Is it purely based on looks? Clothes? Personality?

Or is it based on the setting.

Do you find different aspects of people attractive and attention worthy in different environments?

2 thoughts on “Law of Attraction

  1. First of all, thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post.
    I guess what attracts me to people is their aura. I just find that when someone gives off a vibe that’s I flow with naturally, I’m just drawn. I’m a reserved guy but on some occasions, I can actually break my ‘reserved guy’s code’ and walk up to the person to talk.
    It’s not so much as to how beautiful/ handsome a person is, but there’s an aura that we all exhibit and I’m quite sensitive to.
    With some level of personal development on my part, I am able to limit the influence of people’s dressing and aura to just ‘observations’; I am usually careful not to form opinions about people until I finally get to talk with them for a few minutes, and so I can still relate freely without any bias.
    Great post. I’ll come around again to check your other posts.



    • Thank you for reading and commenting as well. I find it hard to even try to start conversations with people unless I think we are on the same page. My best measure in person is physical. Online is different, as it is more of an aura. I was drawn to you without so much physical interaction.

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