Scandal: When Sh!t Gets Real

IMG_1527.JPGI love it when Scandal hits you with a random and very subtle reminder of what would happen if the storyline was real life.

Scandal is a television show designed for entertainment and does have some very far fetched storylines.

I’m sure there are no people in this world as cool as Olivia Pope and Rowan Pope, but sometimes the show does offer a series of reality checks.

When, Rowan, aka Poppa Pope, aka the Don Dada, hit’s Olivia with the reminder that she is still a black woman catering to these white men, it always gives me chills.

It’s has to be a conflict for Olivia Pope to be amongst these political GIANTS, be a black woman screwing the giants, and still have time to have the burdens of these men’s problems on her shoulders.

Rowan constantly reminds Olivia that she is a black woman, meaning that she has to do double the work to receive even a smidgen of the respect and admiration that these men she assists already do have.

I admire Rowan for bringing Olivia down to earth sometimes.

He plays the father role and reminds her how hard she has worked, and to not let these men steal her shine and literally screw her.

IMG_1526.JPG I also love how Scandal displays the conflicts which occur for a homosexual right hand man of a unrealistically liberal Republican president.

This seems perfect. An ideal situation. Cyrus Beene is out of the closet and is treated with respect by his peers and trusted by the president.

Scandal brings us back to real life and let’s us see Cyrus Beene’s struggle.

Being a homosexual and being exposed for having sex with a male prostitute caused Cyrus such embarrassment that he was willing to give up his job. A man willing to give up a 20-30 tenure all because of public opinion of his sexuality.

These are just two ways in which last nights episode of Scandal showed some reality. Two reasons alone why I love this show.

Come on January 29th!!!!

3 thoughts on “Scandal: When Sh!t Gets Real

  1. I hate to admit that I’m drawn to the show. I try not to hold Liv’s shortcomings against her. We all know a smart woman that loses her shit when a certain someone is around, and just like I do with the people I know I just shake my head. Daddy Pope went in so seriously that it wasn’t a surprise that his gun wasn’t loaded, and it was no surprise (to me) that she pulled the trigger (another smart girl dumb move). She holds her father to such standards with no forgiveness, but CONSTANTLY puts her entire career on the line for someone that can’t hold her hand in public. It’s scream worthy for sure! If I knew her I’d be as straightforward as I wanted while we pour all the wine we could get our hands on.

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