Adventures in Dating

IMG_1569.PNGIn my short 25 years I have dated a lot. I may have not seen it all, but in regards to dating I really hope that I have.

My experiences in dating has taught me some lessons that I think I should share.

Please note that these are completely subjective.
Everyone is not a controlling, ambitious, and completely selfish Virgo like myself.

1. Date older men
This rule only applies to when you are an adult. If you are in college and still buying clothes every weekend and hitting house parties, you are not an adult and your standards are probably low.

Even if you don’t think they are low, trust me, they are low.

This rule only applies for the grown woman who has too much going on at work to worry about if he “likes me”.

In college you’ll probably date older men too, but I guarantee at this point in your life they are terrible. They only see you as a good time and something to do.

If you still run into these types of men as a bill paying adult, you should know the signs by now. Run Forrest, run.

An older man while you are in you’re mid twenties will probably be around 28 and older.

A good percentage of them are out of the “turn up” stage (hopefully) and are looking for a little more.

2. Don’t date younger men
If you majored in Education and want to hone you’re teaching skills, then by all means get yourself a little bitch boy, because you are going to have to teach the bastard everything.

If you don’t have time for that, take my advice and leave them babies alone.

3. Date men who call you.

As a queen texter I really hate speaking on the phone, but when dating it is a different story.

When speaking on the phone there is no room for misinterpretation and no room for thought.

You either say the right thing or you don’t. No auto correct or proof reading allowed when you’re speaking.

This is all I have for the moment. I’ll have more updates when I’m not single anymore.

7 thoughts on “Adventures in Dating

  1. I love the way you think and how you express anything that comes to your mind with no filter..everything you said makes perfect sense and I would have to say I can relate to it all just from a man’s perspective. Good luck with your new blog site and I wish you much success, keep up the good work and keep it coming with your inspiring experiences.


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