Be A Billy Bad-Ass

I’ve always been well aware of my problems with authority figures.
Every since I can remember, tracing back to grade school, I always hated being told what to do,what to say, what to wear, and how to act.

I am truly a rebel in my own mind.


My first acts of rebellion started in grade school when the district decided to enact this new school uniform policy.

I was in fifth grade when this started and I remember being so pissed about them taking away the only thing that I felt made me stand out.

I considered myself one of the flyest little chubby girls in middle school, and now they were dimming my light by making me wear khakis and polo shirts. This was a personal hell for me.

The only way I figured to make this work was to go against all rules and intentionally dress out of uniform almost weekly.

This made me feel strong. As long I was standing up for myself I didn’t mind the consequences (I had a reserved seat in detention).


I truly did and still do not mind consequences as long as I feel I stood for something I believed in. This became a running theme for the rest of my life.

I have never been so much of a rebel that I have gotten into serious trouble which resulted in a record or anything, but, I have been in trouble and never care(d).

If I proved my point the damage was done. My damage is irreversible, your punishment is soon forgotten.

This rambling of nostalgia brings me to a point.

Everyone has their own way of “fighting the power”. Everyone has their own things that they deem worthy of fighting for. My self- expression and my happiness is worth fighting for.

I’m well prepared for anyone to react anyway they please to the way I express myself but it will never change the things I do.

Don’t mind what people take to heart. People will not feel strongly about the same things as you do, and they don’t have to.

If what they choose to act on doesn’t jive with what you care about, you can get mad, get sad, then get over it.

Your emotions are the only things you can control.

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