I Got Ho’s


If you want to learn how to truly manipulate women, pay attention to how your girl handles her many girlfriends.

The similarities are eerie and will ward great results for your collection of women. Besides this is how we treat each other. We must like it.


1. Females have many different friends and guess what? Each friend most likely has no idea about the other!

If the other friend, or group of friends (because we will have whole crews the other friend’s know nothing about) does know a little about the other, it is only through good ol social media.

Fear not! A female is great at cleaning this up.

A female will handle this situation by acting like it is no big deal!

Even though the friend receiving this information will be internally upset by seeing pictures of you and another friend at a photo-worthy event, they will act unbothered just to mask their feelings.

Besides, you are just friends.


2. If one friend flakes always have a backup friend.

Females have roughly 5 backup friends for when friend number one drops out of plans.

This also works for when your friends act up.

Ever notice how quickly females dump their friends after a little fight?
That’s because of these backups! There is always a lady in waiting…

3. Categorize your friends.

You may have one specific friend, or a whole squad for specific occasions (please reference #1 for keeping them away from each other).

Have the fun friend, the cry on the shoulder friend, the friend with connects, the friend with money, etc.

Basically have friends for different reasons and just use them. Use them to your hearts content. Don’t worry about when they need you. That’s their problem.


Clearly this list was made in jest, but I made it to display how females use their friendships sometimes very unfairly.

I also made this list to display how we treat other women the exact same way we hate to be treated by men. Doesn’t it look familiar? Doesn’t it parallel to how these “no good f**kboys” treat us all of the time?

Ladies, if you treat your friends the ways I described above just remember, the next time you need a “f**k him girl” pity party don’t be surprised when your friend decides to say “F**k you”.

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