Got Dad?


Does the man from a single parent home long for a little girl to spoil or does he long for a son to carry his lineage?

Does a man raised by women know how to raise a son?

The only experience they ever had was seeing a HBIC (head bitch in charge), so do they think that this is how they should act?
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Blame Your Parents

Do you ever think of all of the ideas that you had to unlearn in order to become a somewhat regular member of society? Before you say no, don’t lie, really think about it.

I bet most of those ideas came from your parents.

When you’re a child your parents can tell you anything and you will believe it. I learned so many lies from them, intentionally and unintentionally. It’s their fault I was so naive.

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I thought it would be fun to share some unintentional ideas, courtesy of my parents, that I had to unlearn in order to become somewhat normal.

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Words With Friends: Ageism Edition?

Looking at my Role’ it’s about that time! Please indulge in a peek into the world of conversations which occur between me and my good girlfriends.

The subject is questionable office shade thrown at me.

I had to share with my girls and get their input before I made up my mind about what just occurred.

I wasn’t offended but it did make me go hmmmm….Enjoy!
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Happy Holidays

Holiday depression is very common. This happy time is reserved for giving and more importantly spending time with the people you love.

The holidays are a happy time. Besides, that’s what everyone wishes you, a happy holiday. My only gripe with the whole “Happy Holidays” thing is that having a happy holiday is not easy.

The holidays bring back great memories, but theses memories for myself are also sad because they can never occur again.
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Real Housewives of Atlanta: When Ride Or Die Is Played Out

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Real Housewives of Atlanta has become almost religious in my household and I am prepared for your judgement. Done? Okay.

The storyline which has become the most interesting this season is the dynamic between Apollo and Phaedra. This storyline has the most appeal because it appears to be the most authentic and it holds more substance than the issues that the other ladies are facing. Continue reading

Part of The Problem

I’m not one of those deep thinkers. I’m not going to be the one to preach that we were once kings and queens because I can’t be honest that I really know these things to be true.

But I do know who I am and how to be true to myself. I will not call myself a part of the problem because I listen to music that demeans women. I will not call myself a part of the problem because I use the N-word. I will not say that I am a part of the problem because I watch Love & Hip Hop.
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