The 80’s Rule


I want to institute a new dating rule.
I will allow myself to date people only born in the 80’s.

I previously only seriously dated people who were a maximum of 3 years older than I.
Right now this would only allow me to date men up to 28 years old.

My reasons for this maximum have always been the same.

1. I have a baby face and hate feeling like a little girl when I am with a man.

2. I hate the thought of no longer being too young for a 30 year old. I really hate feeling old.

Now this brings me to the 80’s rule and why I am now choosing to go against the grain.

I am allowing myself to date my version of older because it seems like from the very beginning the men born in the early 80’s are more straight forward.

I am over chilling. I am over being a friend. I am over the idea of a date being drinking. I am over having to ask if you have kids (its amazing how they spring the little monsters on you like you were supposed to know).

The post 1985 man seems to be proud of what they have. No need to hide something from a female you barely know.

You’re not looking for a relationship? Ok, as long as you said those words I will take my happy ass elsewhere.

You have no job? Cool, just don’t expect a ride or die. I’ve outgrown it.

You have kids? Fine, just expect a good time from me. I never want to meet your child or hear about them…. Or see any remnants of them.

For the reasons above I will no longer cringe at dating a 30+ year old. They are proud of what they have and will keep it 100%. This will make it 100% easier for me not to waste my time.

With my new open mind I will still have my limits.

I will still not touch anyone born in ’79 or earlier.

I don’t care how much money you have and how legal I am, I will still feel like you are molesting me.

3 thoughts on “The 80’s Rule

  1. I totally feel you. In the 90’s I only dated men born in the early 70’s (I’m old). There is something to be said about a someone who is past lying and playing games, or the field for that matter. I found it interesting that many older men played as many games, except they were more cerebral. It was disgusting when I caught them because it felt insulting. I learned that it’s not in the age, but the way they were raised. Find someone that honors their female family members and he’ll treat you like a queen most times; just remember they do still have y chromosomes. You Greater luck!! Looking forward to an update.


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