Real Housewives of Atlanta: When Ride Or Die Is Played Out

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Real Housewives of Atlanta has become almost religious in my household and I am prepared for your judgement. Done? Okay.

The storyline which has become the most interesting this season is the dynamic between Apollo and Phaedra. This storyline has the most appeal because it appears to be the most authentic and it holds more substance than the issues that the other ladies are facing.

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Apollo and Phaedra are going through a complicated situation. It is not as simple as “I don’t want to be your friend anymore”, or “So, and so called me a whore and I don’t like her, but we are all going to go to lunch anyway.”

Phaedra and Apollo are a married couple, who are at a complicated crossroads. They are married and the husband is about to go to jail for a long time. They have two young boys, which makes the situation even more complicated because it will impact them. The boys will realize he is gone and they will miss him.

On top of the prison sentence, Phaedra and Apollo’s marriage was already on the rocks from Apollo’s antics last season when he entertained the attention of another woman.

This season Phaedra is visibly sick of Apollo. You can feel how uncomfortable she is whenever he is around and you can tell the love that she once had for him is running on E. She is over it.

I will say that Phaedra was aware of the man that she married. She knew that he had a criminal past, but I’m sure that she realized that everyone makes mistakes and that change is possible. I visualize her in the beginning being there as he got on his feet after his previous stint in prison, and Phaedra having dreams of having her own Build-A-Bear and creating a mental masterpiece as he was already physically great.

When Apollo’s stupidity kicked in, which he shouldn’t be penalized for (because this is his personality), Phaedra probably really began to see that she can’t stick this one out. Here he goes again doing some stupid shit which resulted in him going to jail for a second time.

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It’s no longer cute to have a dumb ass, fine ass bad boy, when you have kids, and a reputation of your own to look out for.

Phaedra’s days of a rider are probably long gone and are to never return. Like most women dealing with bad boys, she tried her best to help him in the beginning of their relationship and probably made progress (I can’t see her marrying him without making progress), but of course he regressed. Her hard work, down the drain.

Situations like this have to happen to most women to make them lose their ride or die characteristic, that’s why the ride or die chick is an endangered species.

Ladies, there are better things to do than Build-A-Bear, and then watch him pluck out his own stuffing. Building your mate is a dream that should be given up on as it never turns out good.

Building up almost always falls down. Building with will keep you around.

3 thoughts on “Real Housewives of Atlanta: When Ride Or Die Is Played Out

  1. I think Phaedra got knocked up (season 1 shows her inconsistencies of her due date) and succumbed to the idea of marriage. The second kid was probably inertia at her situation. She’ll come out of this and be laughing her way to the bank!


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