Happy Holidays

Holiday depression is very common. This happy time is reserved for giving and more importantly spending time with the people you love.

The holidays are a happy time. Besides, that’s what everyone wishes you, a happy holiday. My only gripe with the whole “Happy Holidays” thing is that having a happy holiday is not easy.

The holidays bring back great memories, but theses memories for myself are also sad because they can never occur again.

All of my memories involve people who are no longer with me.

I have a very small family and most of my family members have passed on. These family members were a source of many great memories and I truly do miss them.

Christmas also reminds me of failed relationships.

I have only ever held two significant relationships in my life. One of these people is long gone, as I was a teenager when this ended, and the other relationship occurred in my adult life.

I don’t miss the people in the relationships but I miss the feeling of having these relationships and having that type of love during the holidays, especially when most of your family members are dead.

I will try to have a happy holiday, but I will forever miss the people I love.

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