Got Dad?


Does the man from a single parent home long for a little girl to spoil or does he long for a son to carry his lineage?

Does a man raised by women know how to raise a son?

The only experience they ever had was seeing a HBIC (head bitch in charge), so do they think that this is how they should act?

There is a reason that males and females are so different. We need the yin and yang. We can’t be the same.
Even in homosexual relationships there is always a feminine and masculine personality.

A child benefits in receiving both styles of love. When they only receive one style I think it results in an emotionally unbalanced individual.

A son of a single mother may know how to treat women (or create the illusion at most), but may not know how to treat a younger man that looks up to them.

Only with the example of their father (or any other consistent male figure) would they even have a template for raising a son.

I figure that men raised by women would either be too tough on their son, mistakingly thinking this will make their son a man, or they may be too distant with them, not knowing that they have to be an example.

I honestly think fatherless men should hope for girls. They are so much easier.

You can spoil them, be overprotective and not get too involved in their personal lives (you don’t want none of these girl problems).

You have no one looking up to you with a girl, because she’ll probably want to be like her mom.

You get to chill basically and just give her what she wants so she always expects the best. Trust me it’s so much easier.

But what do I know? I’m just a girl. With a dad.

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