Empire Premiere


This looks like it’s going to be a goodie!!! I will admit that I am a jinx when it comes to network television dramas. Every time I start to watch one from the very beginning of the season they get cancelled. I pray to gawd that this isn’t the case with Empire.

With only the first episode in Cookie, played by Taraji P. Henson, is giving me all types of Sadity Hoodlum life. Louscious, played by Terrance Howard, is giving me all types of “I’m not crazy in real-life” tease. He is doing some great acting.

The gist of the storyline is that Cookie and Terrence were once married. Cookie was incarcerated for 17 years, for what I am guessing, drug charges. The money made off of Cookie and Louscious’ past helped to start a thriving record business called Empire.

Cookie is not a game and after serving her time, Cookie is looking to get what is owed to her, her share of Empire.

Louscious and Cookie have three sons, Brandon, Hakeem, and Jamal.

Brandon is the straight laced son. He is educated and has no desire for fame, but a great mind for business. Louscious is looking to groom a future head of the business but because Brandon has no star quality, Louscious has no interest in offering him the throne.

Hakeem is the son who reminds you of your ain’t shit cousin who is always working on his mixtape, except Hakeem actually has talent and with the guidance of Louscious seems unstoppable. The only issue is Hakeem ain’t shit. He is spoiled and rather party than nurture his talent.

Jamal is the most likable brother. Both Louscious and Cookie believe in his musical talents but one issue…he is a homosexual. Cookie welcomes her son’s sexuality with open arms and wishes to nourish his career but Louscious doesn’t believe in a homosexual urban artist.

So far the show is great. Someone has already died and with music produced by Timbaland, the show has the feel of a real record label.

I can’t wait to see more!

And shout out for the Walnut Street reference, Philly stand up!

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