Taking it Back: Cam’ron’s Rhyme Book

I’m in a nostalgic mood.


Let’s take it back to a time before memes and gifs were a daily comedic occurrence.

I fell in love with the internet way before all of that. I fell in love with the the Internet when I saw the post below for the first time on ohword.com.

This was the funniest and most creative thing that I had ever seen in my 16/17 years at the time. This was the first thing that I saw on the internet that I had to go run and tell people about. It was that funny to me.

The creativity of Cam’ron’s Rhyme Book was so genius because it literally took the premise of using Camron’s comedic rap style and publishing it for everyone to see.

During the time when Dipset was really hot, almost everyone I knew had made up some nonsense rhyme and then jokingly put it with a Cam’ron flow. Oh word.com was just smart enough to satirize it publicly.

So here I re-reveal Cam’ron’s Rhyme Book:




*all photo credits:archive.ohword.com


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