The Coldest Winter Ever


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Warning: This post is about my vagina.

My sex life is on E. It’s about as cold down there as Upstate New York.

I’m not even going to say how long it’s been because it is outright embarrassing for a 25 year-old woman to go through such a long dry spell.

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I consider my sex drive very low. I can go months without getting any and not even miss it, so for me to be going through a dry spell and actually notice, it has to have been a long time

I will admit I did let someone lick the batter out the bowl in the last few months but I haven’t had any penis in….a while.

I went through my contacts today in boredom, looking for anyone I could hit up for random D and didn’t find a soul who I saw as worthy.

I take my vagina very seriously and rather not give it away like free condoms at the clinic, but I am beginning to think that I am just way too picky, or maybe a prude.

Thought I should share.

*Cue the buzz*

4 thoughts on “The Coldest Winter Ever

  1. The fact that your title is ” the coldest winter ever” intrigued me because very few people I know have ever heard of this book. It’s a genius work and I’ve read it more than twice all the way through along with the stories of midnight and winters sister that recently released. Sorry your netherworld are like death valley but I’m sure there is a reason. Get a good toy and a good porn site and save yourself the trouble. You don’t want to regret anything later for a one or two night stand.


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