A Night At The Roxbury

Photo credit:imgarcade.com

Photo credit:imgarcade.com

Going to the the club with a crowd of exclusively males taught me so much…

The night was truly an episode straight off of the Discovery channel for me.

I felt like I was witnessing things that I wasn’t supposed to see and spying on men in their natural habitat.

The people I came to the club with didn’t give a flying fuck about what I was seeing (I think they forget I’m a female sometimes), but I saw my experience as comedic gold. It truly offered a hilarious new aspect on male/female relations, specifically in the club.

1. I learned that for some reason it is very important to be in VIP.

photo credit:imgarcade.com

photo credit:imgarcade.com

With this discovery I also realized that for me, the VIP effect is very temporary because as long as you pay enough to get in you’re pretty much good.

My unimportant ass was in there with no problem and I didn’t feel any different than when I’m in the club on a regular night (I still felt the need to leave the VIP to go shake my ass with the “commoners”).

I then realized, after being the only female in the company of men, why the VIP was so important to them.

2. Why the VIP is so important to penis’.

roxbury 1

The VIP is designed for female fishing, with bait disguised as bottles of Ciroc.

Getting into VIP for free is a conquest for most women and men know this. This is why it holds importance to them.

If to attain women all you have to do is be in a certain section, and you don’t even need to try, why you wouldn’t pay more to be in this section? Half of the battle is already done because many females will take the bait. All that you have to do is close the deal.

3. After you catch some fish….

After the bait did the trick of attracting the females, the men literally had their picks of who could stay and who had to leave (requirements ranged almost exclusively by weave length and booty size).

The cutest girl out of her group got the opportunity to come and leave the VIP as she pleased and I had no choice but to be amazed at how things just seemed to be. Fuck the friends she came with, she is in VIP for free and that is all that matters. The men are happy to look at her booty and she is happy to have free liquor. We all win.

The dynamic I witnessed was amazing and I couldn’t even be mad.

Only thing I can be mad at is how they know how easy it is…and it works.

3 thoughts on “A Night At The Roxbury

  1. This sounds like VIP in Vegas!! lol

    When I go clubbing, I tend to choose VIP… on my own dollar though!! I ain’t no THOT 😉

    I prefer the VIP experience because a) it feels more private, b) bottles end up being cheaper than drinks, c) there’s a place to sit when my little feet get tired of dancing, and d) because I can dance in the privacy of my own booth without having my ass groped by random men


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