Adventures in Dating: The Pretty Boy

To continue the “Adventures in Dating” series I wish to cover a type that I used to to love but have grown to hate.

In this installment I present to you: The Pretty Boy

Classic pretty boy mannerism

Classic Pretty Boy Selfie Face

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Adventures in Dating: The Paper Brother


After figuring out the issues with my type of men it’s hard to take anyone seriously right now.

I have dealt with such a plethora of men that I feel like I know what to expect every time. It’s at the point that from one conversation I know what type of man this is, and I decide if I want to stay around for fun, or to designate them as an acquaintance who I never want to see in person again.

I’ve narrowed it down to certain types that I feel warrant a breakdown. In this installment I will only cover one. Continue reading

Martha’s Monthly’s, And Things I Don’t Understand

Is it weird that I used to idolize Martha Stewart when I was a child?

In Martha Stewart Living, a monthly calendar is published with “gentle reminders, helpful tips and important dates”, of things which Martha does for the month.

Please get into Martha’s Month of February and if I would participate in the activities or not:

*I skipped the events which warranted no explanation such as hosting gigs and activities which were repeated

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The Power of Unpopular Opinion

I Don’t Mean To Cut You Off But…

I don’t really like Michael Jackson.
I don’t think he was the greatest pop star of all time. I don’t think he was the greatest entertainer of all time. His music is just okay.

This is my opinion.

I will forever find an excuse to use this image

I will forever find an excuse to use this image

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What 2 Years of Singledom Taught Me

On the almost eve of Valentine’s Day it occurred to me that I have been single for 2 years and counting.

It’s hard for me to believe it because it doesn’t seem that long. My current dating life is active and has many flavors of the week (I like to mix it up), but it has been maybe even more than 2 years since I was in a relationship.

Being single has the traditional ups and downs but I definitely think it was a normal transition of emotion from my last breakup.

The first 3 months mainly were a big blur of “fuck him girl” parties. I went out. A lot. Continue reading