Ways To Make Childbirth More Dangerous: Born in the Wild

Reality television is becoming too extreme for me.

While watching Lifetime on Super Bowl Sunday, because that’s what you do when could give a damn about football, I saw an advertisement for a new reality show called “Born in the Wild”.

The show chronicles couples who forego the logical way of having babies in a hospital or a birthing center.

Oh no, too safe!


Photo credit: mamamia.com

These parents choose to take it to the extreme and have their children in random ass forests without any medical assistance.

That’s right, no doctor, no nurse, and no midwife. Just the assistance of a camera crew and medic (just in case because medics are secondary).

Does everything have to be so extreme now? Why do you have to go so hard with everything, even childbirth?

To my matriarch readers, is there a competition that is had when comparing childbirths? Do you and your other mother friends sit around and trade childbirth war stories like:

Mother 1: “I was in labor for 17 hours”
Mother 2: “Well I was split from my crack to my vagina”
Mother 3: “Well I had my baby outside in a forest with no help”

This is the only reason I can see this show having any premise at all.

I will keep my normal birth stories over a”Birth in the Wild” story any day. The miracle of medically assisted birth is enough excitement for me. Really!

Having a child pop out of your body is stressful enough, there is no need add the stress of a bug climbing in there, or you know possibly losing your baby and your life…in the wild.


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