In The News: Shame On You Peter Pan’s Dad


photo credit: Huffington Post


How much trust do you put into the news? Do you hold anchors and journalists to a certain moral code that you trust that they are always being factual?

Once in a while I have to get on my soapbox and state that I do have a large stake in trust for major news markets to provide me with the facts while reporting.

If I am expecting information from a major news source I hold it to some level of truth.

I understand the difference between an anchor for NBC Nightly News, and a live account provided by a TMZ photog, and expect only serious facts from real journalist.

The statements provided by Brian Williams concerning his direct involvement in a forced helicopter landing in Iraq were well along the lines of a celebrity having their nudes “leaked” to TMZ.

This behavior went against the journalistic integrity that enables them to report the facts and only the facts. It is not their place insert themselves into news stories for attention.

You can tell where I stand on this, what is your opinion?


Sketchy photo credit: Bossip

How do you feel about Brian Williams’ slip up? Should he be fired? Do you even care, or do you just want to go to Never Never land?


This picture of his daughter just makes me laugh.

Thoughts in the comments.


One thought on “In The News: Shame On You Peter Pan’s Dad

  1. He’s lost all credibility, fell victim to his own ego and bravado. It also calls into question the integrity of all those involved, they too as members of the media had a responsibility to report the facts and failed to do so


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