The Power of Unpopular Opinion

I Don’t Mean To Cut You Off But…

I don’t really like Michael Jackson.
I don’t think he was the greatest pop star of all time. I don’t think he was the greatest entertainer of all time. His music is just okay.

This is my opinion.

I will forever find an excuse to use this image

I will forever find an excuse to use this image

I was never a fan and only enjoyed two songs by him…ever.

Did that piss you off a bit? Make you clench your butt cheeks?

Whenever you say you don’t like something do you find yourself having to explain your opinion to others?

I find that this doesn’t happen with popular opinion’s but soon as an opinion surfaces that goes against the grain (salute to August Alsina), people are all in a tizzy about reason and such.

People never question why you like the same thing as them. As long your opinion is the same as the majority, you’re in the clear, explanation free. If you decide to have your own mind… Well muthafucka you got some explaining to do.

You never will have the conversation of “Really? You like that same thing that I like, why so?”

Photo credit: All bears

Photo credit: All bears

If I was asked for a reason why I don’t like Michael Jackson, the only rationale I can give is that I don’t enjoy most of his music.

That reason sounds rational to me, but also lackadaisical.

I know that if I was in an argument with a Michael Jackson fan and just said, “I don’t like his music,” I would lose terribly.

I can imagine a fan coming up with a long, passionate, violin backed reason for why Michael Jackson is great, and then compared to my very blunt reason sprinkled with a lack of fucks, I would appear to go down and lose.

To save my breath the next time someone wishes to argue about how I am wrong for disliking anything popular I will simply hit them with the overly used “everyone is entitled to their opinion,” and I suggest that you do the same.

I only suggest this because passionate opinions seem to be so wide spread that people who have no emotional backing will always seem to lose.

Please save your energy and do not argue with a persons whose passion is the same as everyone else. These people have support and feel invincible in this support and therefore WILL NOT LOSE.

Let it go!!! Rationality and factual statements are a thing of the past. Emotion rules all.


I so miss the world of arguments based on facts and not based on feelings.

No wonder people are losing their lives over parking spots.

Photo credit: Chicago Now

Photo credit: Chicago Now

3 thoughts on “The Power of Unpopular Opinion

  1. Sweetly true, I love that you have no problem sharing your secret with others seei long that as you said if your opinion is unpopular you had best keep it to yourself. I love this and my secret is that I don’t value beyonce 😉. While a pretty woman she is by far not the most beautiful I have ever seen. while a fire entertainer I feel that her shows are made up of her and vice versa I cringe every time I see an enterview of her or any “live public speaking” of her because it seems she has no personality anymore she is an actress, and an entertainer. I want to see the beyonce that shits! Pisses! Has menstrual cramps! Farts! Digs in her belly button and then her ear then sniffs her finger tip!!! She is FAKE to me and her music is mediocre some songs are great just like any other artist but I don’t shit my pants when a new beyonce song comes out.

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  2. Yeah I use to go thru this when I tell people I don’t like Beyonce. You would have thought I spat on someone’s religion. Never said she wasn’t hard working or made some great accomplishments. I just don’t think she’s that hot. I also go through the argument on a daily basis with the tech blogs and websites I participate in. God forbid you tell someone you don’t like BlackBerry you prefer iPhone. It’s an all out war.


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