Adventures in Dating: The Pretty Boy

To continue the “Adventures in Dating” series I wish to cover a type that I used to to love but have grown to hate.

In this installment I present to you: The Pretty Boy

Classic pretty boy mannerism

Classic Pretty Boy Selfie Face

The Pretty Boy is the simplest type of man that I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

Most of them are useless and literally have only good looks (and sometimes good penis) to offer.

Do not get me wrong, sexy is very important and will lure any female in initially, but there has to be more to you than good looks and sex appeal.

Sexy is the Pretty Boys go-to! This is all the Pretty Boy knows because, look at how fine he is, girl!

This man has not had to work hard for any vagina in his life, so when tested by someone who desires more than good dick and a pretty smile,  his conversation skills, in contrary to the Paper Brother, end at “What’s your favorite sexual position?”

The Pretty Boy has nooooooooo game. They are used to women throwing themselves at them, so they don’t need it! They will show no effort while dating, and are not worried about seeing you again, because he has an All-Star lineup in his phone.

His philosophy is simply:


And don’t plan on this man changing because there are a plethora of women that are fine with this. As long as he looks THAT good they will put up with anything.

Not I, said the cat. I can’t tolerate useless conversations and you taking more selfies than me.





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