The Side Effects of Binge Watching

When you binge watch, you only hurt yourself.

I am not an avid “scripted” TV watcher. I can count on my hand the number of scripted shows I actually watch weekly and will shamefully admit that I am a reality TV junkie.

Imagine my surprise when I found a scripted show, on BBC America of all channels (because BBC is only for suburbanites), that actually held in my interest!


One day while randomly scrolling through OnDemand I came across “Orphan Black”. I’m so glad I didn’t realize what network it came on because if I knew it was on BBC America I would’ve immediately dismissed this show as a yuppie classic with extremely exaggerated accents that would annoy me.

Needless to say, because I didn’t realize that “Orphan Black” was a BBC America show, I gave it a chance.

I was pleasantly surprised by how crazy the show opened. It had a murder scene and a mugging, at the same damn time, all done by women! I was immediately hooked.

There is nothing greater to me than seeing a woman be bad ass, stealing shit and killing.


I know it’s weird but let me be great.


I finished two seasons in one weekend. I fell in love with the show.

After I finished the 2 seasons I was so excited to continue watching it live but I was let down because I couldn’t find the actual show times!

I researched and found out that I had to wait until April 18, 2015 for Season 3.

Are you fucking kidding me? I put all this time and energy into this show and have to wait almost a whole year (from the time I was watching) to see more episodes?

I am invested. I am pissed. I finally had the chance to watch an interesting scripted show and now I have to wait a damn year for it to come back on air.


In the days of binge watching and having whole seasons at your disposal for view, I think everyone can identify with the emotions you experience when a season ends that you spent days watching and you have to wait until the actual season opener, only because you’re greedy ass just had to have a marathon.

So below, I present the 3 stages of grief which result from binge watching, as illustrated by me and my “Orphan Black” experience.

1. Denial

I kept researching thinking that there is no way that I would have to wait that until April 2015 for this show to come back. I kept looking at OnDemand to see if there were any episodes I’ve missed…but… I was wrong. The season was over and I just had to wait.

2. Anger

I need to know what happens next! NOW!

I will not offer any info as I hate spoilers, but the season finale left a hell of a cliff hanger.

Now I have to wait until April 18th to see what happens next, and I have to watch it weekly at that? I am now spoiled by having episode after episode at my disposal, WTF is waiting?

Fuck BBC and shame on them for giving their actors time off.

 3. Acceptance


Just like all popular shows who are promised another season, it will come back. I just have to wait. I have to occupy my weekends with other shows, find a hobby, maybe drink more. Orphan Black will be return and I shall watch you again.

Let me know what shows you’ve binged watched only to experience the grief associated with when the season ends.

Also, did you learn a lesson? Will you now pace yourself to spare the disappointment in the future? Or are you really just a binge watching addict, who thinks weekly episodes are for commoners?

Photo credit: Business Wire;Business insider 

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