You Sure We’re Just Friends?

The platonic friendship between men and women.

The debate is popular and I have the answer.

If you ever get a group of males and females into a room and ask the question “Can two people of the opposite sex be platonic friends?” I guarantee that no one will walk out with matching opinions.

I am a female that has many male friends (I have been told that I emote a male energy). I have happily not given the cookies to any of my male friends and I am very proud of myself.



But I will keep it real, there are absolutely male friends that I find attractive and the thought of a relationship with them has crossed my mind, but the thought of any intimacy with them makes my stomach turn.

“Huh? Whats the difference? Why are they good enough for a relationship, but not good enough to fuck?”

This answer is very simple:

I cannot date anyone that I cannot see myself having sex with. If I don’t want to have sex with you, you are just a friend.

To further explain, it’s very easy for me to see myself in a relationship with some of my male friends because they have great qualities.

My male friends are great men. They’re fun, motivated,very honest, and a few are just as crazy as I am.

These are great qualities for a relationship but not enough to give me that oomph (don’t ask what the oomph is) to want to sleep with them.

Just because you’re thorough doesn’t mean that I want to fuck you.


I say all this to get to the “golden rule of a successful platonic relationship”…

Rule: If one of the parties in the friendship wants to fuck the other; it is not a platonic friendship.

Males, be attracted to your friend all you want, as long as you are not thinking about having sex with her it’s fine.

The same thing goes for females (Or if you’re gay, bi, whatever you’re into the same thing goes for you).

One day one of my male friends might put on the right outfit, the right cologne and be looking right. I will for damn sure go ahead and acknowledge him, because I am seeing an attractive man in front of me.


This is perfectly acceptable.

It is not a crime to notice when your friend looks good, and a couple days of the friend looking good is not going to make me want to automatically jump your bones. This is a platonic friendship.

It has to be that something about you that makes you fuckable.

Now if a friend goes home and thinks about what it would be like to finally get that ass, then that’s a problem and you’re platonic relationship has failed.

In that scenario someone has probably been friend-zoned and is most likely not okay with it. The friend-zoned friend just decided to stay around because:

A. You’re presence is great enough that they would rather be a friend than not know you at all


B. They are just waiting for you to fuck up and let them get some.

Look at your circle people. Who is the friend that you have actually thought about fucking? Which friends do you think are waiting to catch you slipping?


Happy friending!

Photo credit:Azra/diyol/Pinterest/Photobucket

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