Throwback Thursday: Go Head

In honor of Throwback Thursday (since this is what all the cool kids do) I want to start a new series called….. Throwback Thursday!

This series will be dedicated to moments in pop culture’s past that now directly correlate with personal memories in my life. These pop culture references vary. Sometimes it’s music, sometimes it a movie, sometimes it’s clothing, but I know that most things that are ingrained in my mind all have something to do with some type of cultural reference.

Come stroll down memory lane with me:

The first memory I wish to share with you blessed my ears in 2007. This was the start of fond memories from an era that marked a transition in my life into adulthood.

I was a college freshman and had never heard this song before. I did not know anything about trap music and only listened to what I referred to as “real” hip-hop with lyrical content, so I did not appreciate lyrics such as:

Gotta brown skin girl like Foxy Brown
Bought a quarter pound just to blow it down
Tattoos all over like Eve or somethin’
Long hair but it must be weave or somethin’

Gotta spot so I bought her new furniture
‘Cause she pretty in the face like Monica
I really dig the girl
So I gave her a ticket to Gucci World

The first time I heard these beautiful lyrics I was in a friends room. Of course after hearing such glorious *insert sarcasm here* music I stopped and asked my friend, “What is this?”


She looked at me screw faced and said “You don’t know Gucci?”

Of course I told her no, and that I didn’t listen to that bullshit, but it wasn’t long until I was eating my words.

Later on in the week it was college night at the ONE club we had near my small town school. Of course my little ass broke my neck to make it to the club as it was the first college event of the semester and I had to be there. I made my way into the club, underage and all (I started school early) and not long while we were there, they played Gucci Mane’s “Go Head.”

I tried to stand there and not move as I wanted to stay true to real hip-hop and not indulge in the fuckery…but I was weak.

I started to dance and my ability to listen to lyrics and my disdain for the hardest of country accents went away. All I cared about at that moment was that the beat knocked and the club was jumping.

Ever since then I grew to appreciate trap music more and more and I became a Gucci fan for life. Till this day when I hear this song, or any other Gucci music, I only think of college and all the fun I had.

If you’ve never heard this song before please press play first before you go judging and after you listen be sure to yell, “Free Gucci”, every time he gets locked up . Y’all better respect that man.

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