GoFund This

Hold up! It seems like everyone is setting up GoFundMe accounts for any reason at all and has left yours truly out of the game.

Now I’ve thought about this long and hard, and decided that I would like to set up a GoFundMe for…



Gone are the days of me having a job and secure health insurance.

No. No. No.

I want to to be a “Bad Bitch.” I want to take an abundance of Instagram pictures, take pictures with ballers that I don’t really know, wear the finest of weaves and also have an “ass so big like the sun” (Trina always applies).

In order for me to reach my goals I require roughly $10,000. I really require more money than that but I have a plan. I am fully prepared to be on a payment plan for some of the things I need, and since it seems like being a bad bitch is quite lucrative I think I will earn the funds to pay my bad bitch bill in no time!

If you donate to my fund please know that your money will go to the wonderful cause of affording me the opportunity for the following:

  1. A Brazilian butt lift and body sculpting, courtesy of Dr. Curves in Atlanta, GA
    I like my girls BBW.

    I like my girls BBW.

    I’ve done my research and found that this surgery cost $10,000+, but Dr. Curves does offer a payment plan. As a bad bitch in the making I do plan on bagging me a baller that will make payments for me in the future. I need a big booty A.S.A.P so I can stand in this pose with purpose.

  2. A gym membership and personal trainer. fitI don’t half-ass anything I do, so as soon as I get my surgery I will be sure to stay in the gym so I can maintain the nice booty my GoFundMe funds provided.
  3. Bundles on bundles on bundlesweave bundle-500x500I need to maintain the finest of weaves at all times and that requires many varieties of hair. Versatility is key, so I require an abundance of hair at my disposal to stay ahead of the game.
  4. Bottle ServicebottleservicepicI don’t know why, but the club taught me that this is important for maintaining bad bitch status.

Please don’t hesitate to donate. I want to have fun and do hood-rat stuff with my friends.

Since y’all got money to be sending chicks to Vegas and shit…


Photo Credit: Instagram/FattyFit

4 thoughts on “GoFund This

  1. To get you anywhere close to rubbing shoulders with a baller you will need a bottle and table at the front of the house in the club. In Philly that will run you about 4500. You’ll be lucky to run into a video director who recently had a meeting with Meek Mill for a video shoot. That money won’t go far at all in NY, MIA or Vegas. Don’t even worry about the butt lift. Focus on the VIP. Ain’t nothing more attractive than a regular ‘bitch’ in VIP and the mystery in why does she belong in here. From there you will be upgraded. Just my tips.


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