Why I Follow THOTS On Instagram 

In the early 2000’s it seemed like the era of “Watch-a-thot”  began.

As wrong as it may seem, thots or *hos have always made for great entertainment. From the time of Karrine Steffans, and the time of my favorite ho Kat Stacks, I have always been intrigued by them. I knew what they were doing was wrong (salute to my upbringing) but it still did not stop my or the whole worlds captivation.

“Watch-a-thot” gave new hope to your regular neighborhood ho that had been slutting around for years going unnoticed. These hos decided that they were being short changed and that they should get the same attention of these 15 minute fame whores. Sure, regular hos were exchanging their services for the luxury of being taken care of, but the hos wanted more.


All hos truly want is attention. When a ho gets her attention she is being fed. This is all hos truly want, so why not give it to them?

Because satisfying a ho’s need for a attention is so simple I decided to be helpful to the hos. In exchange for their entertainment I would give them what they want—attention in the form of an Instagram follow. I enjoy seeing people happy and fulfilled and this includes hos, so why not follow?


Their satisfaction is not my only reason for following them. I also follow hos because I envy the simplicity of their lives. The specific type of ho (mainly regular bitches) I follow on Instagram lives a very simple life. Most, I can tell don’t have the best living conditions, have a plethora of children (and purses), and seemingly have little to offer except for a great back shot pic, a few quotes about why their single, a few quotes about imaginary hating bitches and quotes about getting money…that they don’t have.

The grade of ho I follow craves the very simple pleasure of attention. No need for education, no need for steady income with benefits, or any of the things that “bum bitches” have. No, no, just give them a “like” and a follow and they are happy.

Isn’t this simple? That “like” cost less than sponsoring a child in Africa. 


To make the world a better place I suggest more people follow hos. The market is flooded with them at the moment and if you interact solely through social media they don’t even cost money!

All you have to do is follow them, “like” their pictures, and they are being fulfilled. You have done a good deed andguarantee that you will get in at least one chuckle a day at their expense.


My philanthropy work is done. Have you fulfilled yours?

*I  can’t keep typing the word “thot.”

Photo credit: Caloriecount.com/Visual Images

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