Great Moments in Black History

I know Black History Month is over, but I live this shit everyday so let me have my happiness and joy in this moment.

While randomly watching a movie I stumbled upon a mythical creature. I looked at her and only recognized her voice, but looked closely at the screen and saw a damn unicorn.

I saw…


A young Cicely Tyson! She was right on my screen in living color,walking and talking before my very eyes, looking 30 years-old at the most.

I always thought Cicely Tyson was born at least 62 years-old and started acting fresh out of the womb at this age; but this this movie has proven me wrong (Don’t ask me what movie it was, I got too caught up in the rapture of amazement).

All of this time, for more than 15 years since I first saw her in  “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman”, I have thought that she was just old for a very very very very long time. It didn’t help that Cicely Tyson’s makeup always looked so good, and in all her other roles I had seen her in since then, she always played an older woman.


I thought it couldn’t get any better but it did!

In the same movie, on my same screen I saw:IMG_2680


A young Cicely Tyson and a young Morgan Freeman on my screen at the same damn time! These are two mythical creatures that I have never seen under 60 years-old and they happen to be in the same movie debunking all of my beliefs looking like their in their 30’s and 40’s.

With this new knowledge I feel like I can do anything. What does this inspire you to do?

Please give me a moment…I’m getting verklempt.


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