Adventures In Dating: “The Who Told You…?” Type

I’m now realizing that this series can go on forever and I have no problem with that…

In this next edition of “Adventures in Dating” I want to go over the type of man who lives in their own world. This man has a sense of false confidence that you cannot understand nor take away from him. A reality check from someone is so necessary for this man, but once again he is in his own little world so it probably wouldn’t do him any good.

The man I am speaking of is the Who Told You…? TypeindexThe Who Told You…? Type’s confidence is sky high and no one knows where he got it from. This man’s level of self esteem always will leave you begging the question “Who told you…?”

He finds himself irresistible to everyone and truly believes that if you don’t like him than you are a hater. No matter how many females shoot him down. No matter how many women he asks, “How was it?” and he receives awkward silence, followed by a giggle for a response…he still believes that he is amazing in every way. No matter how many times someone tells this man that they are wack at whatever they are doing, they don’t take this for any truth, but rather continue what they are doing because they think they are the shit.

The Who Told You…? Type also loves to tell you about themselves and all the “moves they’re making.” All of which have no result. Ever. And if these “moves” do resolve, its usually on a much smaller scale than what they made it out to be. Usually in the realm of throwing an “event” for their mix tape being on Soundcloud.g1407220726603463592.jpg

The Who Told You..? Type is notorious for giving you unwarranted advice and having an “I’m on another level” complex. Please note that The Who Told You..? Type will also repeat this statement quite a bit, and use it as a caption on numerous social media platforms.

The Who Told You…? Types are very easy to spot, so here are some clues to help you keep them out of your vicinity:

  1. They are usually on a scale of only moderately attractive to butt ugly, but in their minds are gods gift;
  2. Are very boastful about average things, like employment;
  3. Are usually single, or involved with some equally delusional female that believes in his fairy-tales.

Unless you are up for some quick entertainment and material to laugh at with your girlfriends, please stay away from this man. If you entertain the Who Told You…? Type for too long you are feeding his undeserving ego and making him hard to avoid for women like me.

tumblr_mhmii90Z6W1rk42e6o8_250Don’t be that bitch.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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