Types of Male Friends All Women Should Have


I refuse to believe that males and females cannot be friends. I have said before that as long as you do not want to fuck your friend; a male-female platonic friendship is easily accomplished.

All females should have male friends and vice versa. Outside of your family, your friends are the only people of the opposite sex that will keep it real with you and not put on a front around you. Why? Because they do not want your Good n’ Plentys.

Besides you learning all types of shit by just watching, your friends of the opposite sex will show you characteristics to look for in a mate, and though you love your friends dearly, some will show you what characteristics to avoid.

I can only speak from a female perspective but believe all ladies should have at least these 3 types of male friends in their life…at some point.

1. The “Let’s Fuck Shit Up” Friend

This friend is your protector because of their hot temper but is also outwardly disrespectful around you to anyone because he doesn’t want to fuck you and doesn’t care what you think. I have seen this ex-friend treat all of his girlfriends like garbage, to the point of the assault of one of them because he felt threatened by her, all 120 pounds of her.

tumblr_mjmmseGTya1s8uj8yo1_250 This type of male friend teaches you that you should never EXPECT to be treated like a lady. I know that sounds crazy but it’s true. Everyone wasn’t raised right and some men will treat you like a man if you act like a man (or yell).

2. The “Focused/Caring” Friend

This friend shows you that they have a purpose and will stop at nothing to make it happen. He is usually a really good guy to his girls (plural). In my experience this friend always has girlfriends and you want to smack them for randomly breaking up with some because YOU are personally rooting for them. This friend doesn’t have lasting relationships because he is too invested in his future. A girlfriend for him is something to do, like playing basketball.

This friend showed me that a man with ambition is great, as long as they are fulfilled with their purpose.

If they are not fulfilled, no matter how nice they are, leave them alone. In the wise words of semi-irrelevant rapper Rocko,”We ain’t goin steady we just be fuckin round.” That’s all they are looking for.plies

And Lastly…

3. The “Turnt Up” Friend

My turn up male friends are great! We go party and I get to help them bag bitches (girls like girls in the club!) Nothing wrong with that.

They show me I desire fun because I like to be around them, but also show me to stay away from men who go out in packs with a main goal of grinding on somebody booty. If its not only about twice a month a man goes to party leave that ho alone!



Photo credit: popsugar.com

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