Throwback Thursday: Teletubbies (1st Generation)

Every “Throwback Thursday” I wish to pay homage to things that shaped my person today. The picture above is from the late 1990’s.

I remember this picture well, because around this time is when my momma decided that she was through with doing my hair and that it was time for my little ass to go to “the shop” aka the hair salon. If you ever frequented a hood hair salon in the 90’s I know you have seen this picture before and if you haven’t you are missing out on some important black history.

This picture was a 90’s shop ICON. It was posted on walls, and in hair books everywhere.

The picture personally scared the shit out of me because I thought that one day my hairstylist would get creative and try this on my 7 year-old head and I would look like these women.

I always got the impression from this picture that someone came across random hood bitches, chilling on the steps on a 1996 summer day and said “Y’all trying to do this photo-shoot? Because y’all are just killing it.”

These women took it as their breakthrough opportunity and proceeded to give face and angles that would go down in hair book infamy.

Momma with the blue hair is giving stank face as to say “I know you wasn’t ready for this here”.

Orange hair is just happy to be here.

Red hair I can tell wasn’t supposed to be in the shoot because she looks displaced; but she gets a pass because she happened to be on the steps with her girls Rochelle and them while they were accosted, so they let her shine as well.

Platinum finger waves is mad because she looks semi-normal for the 90’s and can’t understand why she was chosen for this shoot with these dysfunctional hos.

And my personal favorite, green hair (I like to call her Rochelle), is killing you ho’s one by one and taking no prisoners. In this bad bitch contest my dear is clearly in first place.

If you remember any of your mommas, aunties, cousins, or neighbors looking like this please let me know so I can judge you immediately.

Photo credit: Instagram 

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