Quickie: “Game of Thrones”+ Broken Bones

I broke my big toe and this shit is the second most terrible physical pain I have ever experienced in life (cramps will always win until childbirth). For the last week I have barely been able to think straight, and when I do think, I only think bitchy thoughts such as:

“I wish you would shut the fuck up”


“What the fuck are you smiling for?”

So, if I am extremely negative in these WordPress streets for the next FOUR weeks, please excuse me.

I feel like shit. I am wearing an orthopedic shoe that is almost my weight; its getting nice out and I am losing out on prime ratchet activity time…I just can’t deal.milton

On top of that I have been binge watching “Game of Thrones” so I’m almost completely desensitized to violence and feel like if I’m tested, me and my orthopedic shoe will hobble over and behead someone with the quickness. game-of-thrones

If I’m mean or unresponsive don’t mind me, this is how I deal with pain. I’d much rather act like a raging lunatic with a smile than cry like a bitch.

Photo credit: fansided.com

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