Friday Fuckery: Put Your Dick Away/Quickie

IMG_2442This is a quickie that will be discussed in depth at a later date, but I wanted to give it a few brief words because it’s getting nice out, cuffing season is over, and the dogs are in heat.

PSA: If you send unsolicited nudes they will only be shared with friends to laugh at your expense.

With the change of weather, for some reason men specifically feel that this is prime time to pluck that perfect penis pic from their camera roll and hit send. The issue is, that if a person didn’t ask for that picture please keep your dick to yourself. That picture that you think is so impressive rarely ever is, no matter what angle you take it from.

If it’s skinny, unreasonably curved, or stubby, your dick is not something that is supposed to unexpectedly pop up on a phone screen. You deserve to be laughed at.


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