The $10,000 Kitty

abortion-moneyI cannot wait until my Louisiana trip so I can meet this fine jewel named Natasha Brown.  She is smart, she is cunning and after reading her story I am inspired.

I thought I was a bad enough person as is because I hate poetry and children, but after reading this story I know that I am horrible because I could do nothing but smile with glee as I read why this woman was newsworthy.

This woman is in the news because of her way of paying the bills through fake abortions. This is a great idea—minus the risking her life with STDs. She really had a fool-proof plan until she had to try and be Kat Stacks, running her mouth and fucking shit up.

This woman claims to have 54 boyfriends, with whom she slept with  unprotected for 3 weeks each only to tell them she was pregnant and not ready for a baby, therefore making them ante up for abortions.

According to Ms. Brown, she plans to write a get rich book and sell it on Amazon that outlines exactly how to start a fake abortion business.


Her words, not mine.

As ratchet and disgusting as it is to have unprotected sex with 54 men, this sweetheart got $400-$500 from each of these fools and I am not mad.

It’s actually a good idea. (Laundering money from men to get fake abortions is a good idea. What the fuck is wrong with me?)

I know I always had a criminal mind because I was always that child that liked the villain in the Disney movies, but wow, the fact that my initial thought of this being a good idea to lie to men about being pregnant makes me truly fucked up.

While reading the story I had already broken down how she probably tricked these men (it’s not that hard) and where her mistakes were. I rooted for her, and was more pissed that she didn’t get away with it.

My ain’t shit self even thought this out down to how she could’ve lowered her vagina mileage by up-charging each man, therefore not having to sleep with so many.

I figure if the max abortion rate, varying from State to State is $550, that means if that she wanted to hit a mans pockets (and sleep with them) only one time, she would have to sleep with at most 18 men a month. Even though she is exhibiting crazy levels of ho-dum with this hustle alone, nobody needs that many miles on the coupe.

If she was smart and told each man that the abortion cost at least $100 more than what it really does she could’ve lowered her vagina mileage significantly. Besides, most men are not privy to how much abortions cost, or anything that has to do with the vagina accept knowing you can put your penis in it and babies come out. This is an easy hustle.

But I digress. Let me go back to being a respectable female and stop praising ratchets, and hos (as irresistible as they are).

This woman is dumb like most hos, because she got caught up in the hype of getting attention and let the world know her secret.

She got greedy and money wasn’t enough. She didn’t quit while she was ahead; she instead got drunk off attention and fame before she could really even achieve it. Every ho wants a book and a follow these days... 

She exhibits all ho traits but I can’t help but wonder, with $10,000 a month why did she seemingly not do any maintenance to pull these men?

Why is her hair so askew?

Why do I just KNOW she has a stain on her shirt?


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