Why Your Auntie Is So Pissed

What is it that happens with women when they hit a certain age that immediately makes them dislike younger women?

I recall on one of my terrible ass retail jobs always having a token woman who couldn’t stand me. It always was an older woman who felt like it was her place to make an example out of me for breathing or whatever she was mad at me for.

This display of pure disdain from older women did not stop at jobs, it carried over into day to day life as well. I still get looks of disgust from older women and I’m not even a spring chicken anymore. I walk down the street and still get looked up and down with this perturbed face from Auntie or even get the little nice-nasty shade of some old biddy calling me  sweety and hun’, but in that weird tone where its not affectionate at all. Bitch, I can hear the hate in your voice.displeased-bailey

My question is why are Aunties, as I affectionately call them, so mad?

I know it’s not just me they hate talking on. I know it’s other young women as well, but let’s break it down Auntie and focus on all the reasons why you shouldn’t be mad:

1. You have a stable home

Most of the “young” (because I’m pushing 30) are not very stable. Hell, I can’t even choose one shade of lipstick to wear all day.

Most young ladies are still semi-aimless and still trying to figure out how this life shit works.

If you’ve hit Auntie status this shouldn’t be a worry for you. You have come a long way and learned more than what a young chick has even seen. Don’t be mad at the youngins and their confused asses. You don’t miss the days of countless jobs and apartment hunts. Auntie sit down and reflect on how you made it and laugh at those going through the tired shit you went through 20-30-40 years ago.

2. You aren’t worried about men anymore

I hope no Auntie is still going through phones and stalking timelines. If you’re single Auntie just take your ass to the cabaret and dance to Earth, Wind and Fire or whatever Aunties like to do.thAuntie, be happy about the fact that you have your man and are most likely not worried about where he is. You two have probably been together so long that you either just don’t give a fuck about what he does, or Cecil old ass can’t move the same, making it impossible for him to chase the young girls. Let Cecil look with his looking ass, as long as he don’t touch.

3. You have proven yourself

You have the privilege of not having to prove yourself to anyone anymore. Auntie you have paid your dues!


Aunt Diana is just happy to have A job

Let the young girls bust their ass trying to look good and hustle.

You have your job, you have your home, you have stability. Don’t worry about these young bitches because we will grow older and eventually become Aunties too.

See how happy Aunt Diana is with herself even though she didn’t plan to be on the Assembly Line for Post and probably had much bigger dreams? Be happy with where you are Auntie and don’t grimace at the young girls trying to get ahead.

I hope that the above made all Auntie’s feel better and maybe rethink ice grilling young girls whenever you see them.

If your are Auntie age and got your shit together, look at me and reflect on the struggle. You don’t want your twenties back. I don’t even want them.

Photo credit:fickr.com;pinkous.com;ispot.tv

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