Throwback Thursday: Why Is Pokemon Still On?

Raise your hand if you love “Pokemon”…

I don’t.

While all the other kids were watching “Pokemon,” I was the one kid that did not understand this show for the life of me. I didn’t understand the show 15 years ago when it was popping in my elementary school, and I don’t understand the show now. Because I am still an avid cartoon watcher (I’m really a big ass kid) I still catch myself trying to understand the appeal of this show and I just don’t get it.

The first time I tried to watch “Pokemon,” I was probably 10 years old at the most and I was left with so many questions…

1. What kind of appeal does putting little monsters inside of a ball and making them fight have to children? ash_and_pikachu_3_by_yodapee-d5v19zh

2. Why is Pikachu so got-damn special that he gets to walk around and not be in his said ball?

3. Are they animals?

4. If they are animals isn’t this show just an animated dog fight? That’s gruesome…

3. Why does Ash make his favorite little monster-animal thing fight? Pikachu could get hurt.

5. How does Ash get to all these places to do his dog fights with no method of transportation except his feet?

The above are all practical questions for me and were (still are) a big reason that I was that one kid that just could not tolerate this show. That shit was so dumb to me. I still hate this show.

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