#ThrowbackThursday: The Return of BET Uncut

Gather ’round little perverts!

If you were born 1984 or later, then you have probably stayed up late to watch BET Uncut back in the day. Before the internet, and before everything was buckwild and free, BET Uncut was the closest thing you were going to get to porn. Unedited grainy ass music videos were everything around the late 1990’s-early 2000’s and many are very happy to hear that BET Uncut is officially making it’s return.

With how graphic the media is today I don’t know if BET Uncut will have the same taboo impact it had on me during my childhood (these kids today done seen it all), but in honor of BET Uncut making a comeback I will like to present my…

Top Three Throwback “Uncut” Videos

3. The Mighty Casey-White GirlsWhite_Girls_BET_UNCUT(1)

White girlllllllllls, (Suzy,Jen, and Karen)
Going through my miiiiiind, (Sarah, Jesse and Julie, too)
White girlllllllllls, (Judy,Beth, and Sharon)
Help me unwiiiiiiind (The more I see the more I do)
Listen, they don’t spit gospel like this anymore. Before Jeezy said it, The Might Casey was already talking about the benefits of white girls and I wasn’t even mad. You’re not gonna get no black girl to cheer outside in the snow in what looks like the middle of nowhere anyway, so they got that…
2. Wax A Million’s-No Panties On

No_Panties_On_The_Dancefloor_BET_UNCUT(1)Why yes, there is underwear being waved on this young man’s head.

This was my song! Who doesn’t love songs about not wearing panties? I personally feel that underwear is restrictive but this isn’t about me…

I used to sing it’s lyrics: “I ain’t got no panties on, on the dance flo”, all of the time when I was a bad ass kid, and my momma never caught me.



And now the number one spot goes to…

1. Nelly-Tip Drill

This is the most well known uncut video and the one they used to play at the end of every BET Uncut episode to make you watch the whole show. I couldn’t even get a gif out of this video because the whole thing is just too much ass, and I already made a vow to ONLY show big women on my page (I love y’all).

But, if you’re feeling nostalgic (or curious) go ahead and take a look and appreciate the days before every booty on TV was fake.

Tell me what’s your favorite uncut video. Don’t make me feel lonely for being a little perv.


4 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday: The Return of BET Uncut

  1. HAHA! I remember these days. Man, I used to stay up all night just to watch Midnight Love though – do you remember that? I can’t wait to see how BET Uncut will be received and like you said, if it will have as strong an impact as it did back then.


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