Adventures In Dating: The Sensitive Brother

In this installment of  “Adventures In Dating” I want to cover the type of man that all women think that they want, but when they get them, want to strangle them.

I can say from experience that these types of brothers gravitate toward me and many display emotion; which is good because there is no guess work with how they feel, but sometimes they can get very dramatic.

The type of man I am talking about is the Sensitive Brother.


Almost ALL of the men I’ve been involved with have exhibited this hyper emotional trait. They are very in touch with their feelings and feel the need to share every experience that ever hurt them. Though not bad all of the time, it is a trigger to a person that is inherently a fixer…like myself.

(If you are the type of person who finds yourself always wanting to make everything all better, then you are a fixer.)

In a relationship with a Sensitive Brother you find yourself uttering the words, “What’s wrong?” more often than not, or yelling, “Calm down!” more often than you ever should have to at another adult.

The Sensitive Brother displays his sensitivity in more than the stereotypical Drake-type of emotions.

Some are able to express their feelings in a great way, and I adore it because they hold nothing in;


Ponies and marshmallows can get old. Hearing about every feeling can get draining. Everyone cannot be sad with you. Everyone can’t feel what you feel.


Keep that shit to yourself sometimes….Killin my muthafuckin vibe (in my Kendrick Lamar’s Daddy voice).

Then there’s the other side–

The Sensitive Brothers sometimes have the biggest tempers. Their emotions are fucking out of control!

There is no medium between them saying, “That hurt my feelings, ” and then them punching a hole in a wall. Also, their sad attempt at holding back feelings is sometimes comical because it can yield real tears.

I had a crier before and that shit is scary. The more I write this, the more I think he was bipolar.


My takeaway from this, is that the Sensitive Brother has been the most tolerable guy in my dating experience. But I am a magnet to that type. I fix shit that’s broken. They can smell a fixer. I can smell insecurity.

As long as you don’t allow that whole transfer of emotions bullshit to occur, you’ll be fine.

As soon as they start bitching just do this in your head.


Realize that you can’t fix this man. He probably has daddy issues or something…


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What 2 Years of Singledom Taught Me

On the almost eve of Valentine’s Day it occurred to me that I have been single for 2 years and counting.

It’s hard for me to believe it because it doesn’t seem that long. My current dating life is active and has many flavors of the week (I like to mix it up), but it has been maybe even more than 2 years since I was in a relationship.

Being single has the traditional ups and downs but I definitely think it was a normal transition of emotion from my last breakup.

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Words With Friends: Ageism Edition?

Looking at my Role’ it’s about that time! Please indulge in a peek into the world of conversations which occur between me and my good girlfriends.

The subject is questionable office shade thrown at me.

I had to share with my girls and get their input before I made up my mind about what just occurred.

I wasn’t offended but it did make me go hmmmm….Enjoy!
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Happy Holidays

Holiday depression is very common. This happy time is reserved for giving and more importantly spending time with the people you love.

The holidays are a happy time. Besides, that’s what everyone wishes you, a happy holiday. My only gripe with the whole “Happy Holidays” thing is that having a happy holiday is not easy.

The holidays bring back great memories, but theses memories for myself are also sad because they can never occur again.
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