Can Somebody Come Take A Look At This?

Bravo’s “Thicker Than Water” has to be the funniest reality show that nobody is watching.

The show profiles the prominent Tankard family in Tennessee that owes most of their wealth to the patriarchs, Ben Tankard’s, longstanding gospel/jazz music career.

The show is not your normal reality show where people just go to lunch/dinner and then fight each other. “Thicker Than Water” is more of a family show, that displays the workings of a huge family trying to mend relationships while being rich and stuff.

The show just ended it’s second season so someone must be watching, but I want my people, my cousins, all of you to watch the show. Continue reading

Ways To Make Childbirth More Dangerous: Born in the Wild

Reality television is becoming too extreme for me.

While watching Lifetime on Super Bowl Sunday, because that’s what you do when could give a damn about football, I saw an advertisement for a new reality show called “Born in the Wild”.
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Real Housewives of Atlanta: When Ride Or Die Is Played Out

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Real Housewives of Atlanta has become almost religious in my household and I am prepared for your judgement. Done? Okay.

The storyline which has become the most interesting this season is the dynamic between Apollo and Phaedra. This storyline has the most appeal because it appears to be the most authentic and it holds more substance than the issues that the other ladies are facing. Continue reading