Adventures In Dating: Babyfather of the Year

As I journey to be hot in these streets once again after a much needed hiatus, I wish to remind people (and myself) of the of the unfortunate events which occurred in datings past.

I faced the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with these types of men much earlier than I was probably ready to handle, which may have scarred me for life. Though some of these types are good men, to deal with one you need a certain level of maturity to adapt to their situation, which I do not posses.

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Friday Fuckery: A Quickie At Work

If you are at work I want you to slowly reach into your pocket. Take your time.

Slowly feel around in your pocket until you feel yourself in your hands. After you have found yourself slowly start to caress, but be inconspicuous, because remember you’re at work and god forbid you get caught.

When it feels right, take out your phone and… Continue reading

Blame Your Parents

Do you ever think of all of the ideas that you had to unlearn in order to become a somewhat regular member of society? Before you say no, don’t lie, really think about it.

I bet most of those ideas came from your parents.

When you’re a child your parents can tell you anything and you will believe it. I learned so many lies from them, intentionally and unintentionally. It’s their fault I was so naive.

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I thought it would be fun to share some unintentional ideas, courtesy of my parents, that I had to unlearn in order to become somewhat normal.

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