Adventures In Dating: Babyfather of the Year

As I journey to be hot in these streets once again after a much needed hiatus, I wish to remind people (and myself) of the of the unfortunate events which occurred in datings past.

I faced the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with these types of men much earlier than I was probably ready to handle, which may have scarred me for life. Though some of these types are good men, to deal with one you need a certain level of maturity to adapt to their situation, which I do not posses.

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Ways To Make Childbirth More Dangerous: Born in the Wild

Reality television is becoming too extreme for me.

While watching Lifetime on Super Bowl Sunday, because that’s what you do when could give a damn about football, I saw an advertisement for a new reality show called “Born in the Wild”.
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Got Dad?


Does the man from a single parent home long for a little girl to spoil or does he long for a son to carry his lineage?

Does a man raised by women know how to raise a son?

The only experience they ever had was seeing a HBIC (head bitch in charge), so do they think that this is how they should act?
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