#ThrowbackThursday: The Return of BET Uncut

Gather ’round little perverts!

If you were born 1984 or later, then you have probably stayed up late to watch BET Uncut back in the day. Before the internet, and before everything was buckwild and free, BET Uncut was the closest thing you were going to get to porn. Unedited grainy ass music videos were everything around the late 1990’s-early 2000’s and many are very happy to hear that BET Uncut is officially making it’s return.

With how graphic the media is today I don’t know if BET Uncut will have the same taboo impact it had on me during my childhood (these kids today done seen it all), but in honor of BET Uncut making a comeback I will like to present my…

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Meek Mill and Me

So…I figured that I would hop out the motherfucking Porsche and let the people know what has been going on with me. With the developments involving my fellow Philadelphian, Meek Mill, I feel like I should:

A. Unleash my feelings as well.

B. Show that those from my city aren’t completely petty (just a lil’ bit petty).

If you haven’t been under a rock, then you know that Meek Mill made the unwise decision of starting a Twitter beef with Drake. Drake allegedly had a ghostwriter write a verse on Meek Mill’s track “R.I.C.O” and also most importantly, Drake did not tweet out a link to Meek Mill’s album when it dropped. *crickets*

Since then it has been all downhill for Meek…kind of like my life had been for the last two months.

sad meekInstead of dragging other people into my issues via Twitter, I am choosing to go a better route and just tell y’all why I’m really mad (Meek everyone knows it’s more to this story. Let’s just be honest, let’s just be real). Continue reading

Why Your Auntie Is So Pissed

What is it that happens with women when they hit a certain age that immediately makes them dislike younger women?

I recall on one of my terrible ass retail jobs always having a token woman who couldn’t stand me. It always was an older woman who felt like it was her place to make an example out of me for breathing or whatever she was mad at me for.

This display of pure disdain from older women did not stop at jobs, it carried over into day to day life as well. I still get looks of disgust from older women and I’m not even a spring chicken anymore. I walk down the street and still get looked up and down with this perturbed face from Auntie or even get the little nice-nasty shade of some old biddy calling me  sweety and hun’, but in that weird tone where its not affectionate at all. Bitch, I can hear the hate in your voice.displeased-bailey

My question is why are Aunties, as I affectionately call them, so mad? Continue reading

Quickie: “Game of Thrones”+ Broken Bones

I broke my big toe and this shit is the second most terrible physical pain I have ever experienced in life (cramps will always win until childbirth). For the last week I have barely been able to think straight, and when I do think, I only think bitchy thoughts such as:

“I wish you would shut the fuck up”


“What the fuck are you smiling for?”

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Great Moments in Black History

I know Black History Month is over, but I live this shit everyday so let me have my happiness and joy in this moment.

While randomly watching a movie I stumbled upon a mythical creature. I looked at her and only recognized her voice, but looked closely at the screen and saw a damn unicorn.

I saw… Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Go Head

In honor of Throwback Thursday (since this is what all the cool kids do) I want to start a new series called….. Throwback Thursday!

This series will be dedicated to moments in pop culture’s past that now directly correlate with personal memories in my life. These pop culture references vary. Sometimes it’s music, sometimes it a movie, sometimes it’s clothing, but I know that most things that are ingrained in my mind all have something to do with some type of cultural reference.

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I Know I’m Not the Only One

Pop culture has ruined me and I will never be the same. With my ruin, I am only able to relate to other pop culture junkies who only speak in Internet, television, and music references (it really is a different language).

Being a pop culture junkie really effects everyday life so much that I feel the daily struggle is worth illustrating.

Below I will point out my most used pop culture references in question and answer format.

The replies listed are the everyday responses (that I only say in my head) to daily scenarios. I try daily not to say these aloud…but it’s so hard, so hard.

Photo credit:http://onemorecup.files.wordpress.com

Photo credit:onemorecup.files.wordpress.com

1. Whenever anyone asks if my hair is relaxed.
My reply: “No, just juices and berries”–Prince Akeem, Coming to America


2. Whenever I meet someone who is way too happy for my current mood
My reply: “Makeup and stickers and ponies and myspace.com.”–Family Guy, S.5.ep8

photo credit: fanpop.com

photo credit: fanpop.com


3. I get asked a stupid question
My reply: “You are so dumb.”–Antoine Dodson

photo credit:sodahead.com

photo credit:sodahead.com

4. If you ask me if I am going to an event planned.
My reply: “Bitch I Might Be”–Gucci Mane feat. Shawnna, I Might Be

5. When asked about any deadline at work.
My reply: “About a week agoooo.”–Bobby Schmurda, Hot Nigga

6. When not interested in a conversation.
My reply: “What? She told you to put it in the fax machine? Nuh uh…”–Kevin Hart, Seriously Funny

7. When asking for more of a topping on my salad and I’m feeling sassy
My reply: “Put some more mozzarella on that motherfucking shit.” –Radio Raheem (Sal’s Pizza scene), Do the Right Thing

photo credit: washingtoncitypaper.com

photo credit: washingtoncitypaper.com











8. When agreeing with anything.
My reply: “Chuuuuuch”–Diamond Eye (look him up)

9. When someone calls themselves talking to me crazy.
My reply: “I got an indoor pool and an outdoor pool”–Ray J, Power 105.1 interview

10. Whenever I get a compliment on an outfit.
My reply: “You see the outfit bitch, I’m killing you ho’s”–Trina, Killing You Hoes